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We are a country of immigrants, but we need to prioritize.

Pathway to Citizenship: Raymond will cultivate bipartisan support to create a pathway to citizenship for the millions of productive, law-abiding undocumented immigrants who've contributed to our country. This includes reopening DACA enrollment to register individuals who were brought to this country as minors through no fault of their own and creating an expanded program that allows them to apply for citizenship.

Securing Our Borders: America was built by immigrants; there's no denying that. However, we need a functional "front door" into this country that works to bring in vetted immigrants who want to contribute to our country. That means fixing the process of entering the United States. Raymond will fight to secure our borders while working to fix the process for entry. If we had a functioning new arrivals program, thousands would not have to enter our country illegally.

Removing Individuals Who Hurt Our Communities: As a Democratic Alderman on the Chicago City Council, Raymond has championed having carve-outs in Chicago's Sanctuary City policy. They include turning over individuals to USCIS who have committed sex crimes against minors, engaged in prostitution, have identified as members of a gang, or have been arrested for a violent crime. Raymond will support laws that hold criminals accountable and keep communities safe, this is plain common sense.

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