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Our officers are just like us, human.

Gun Violence and Safety: As a Chicago Alderman, Raymond's been the leading advocate against assault rifles and reducing access to military-grade weapons for civilians. Weapons of war have no place on our streets and should only be used by law enforcement and the military.

Supports Our Police Officers: Raymond supports good cops and fights to hold bad cops accountable, but we must understand that not all cops are bad. Police officers assist us at our worst. They need the support and resources to keep us safe. In Congress, Raymond will continue to support our men & women in blue by investing in new technology, upgrading police stations, and building on community-police engagement.

Fighting for Stricter Domestic Violence Laws: Raymond grew up in a broken home where the barrage of abuse was prevalent. Victims of domestic violence are sometimes scared to press charges. Raymond will fight to pass legislation that shield the victim (men, women, and especially children), from their abusers by allowing the courts to intervene when a signed complaint is missing.  

Designating Gangs as a Domestic Terror Group: As an Alderman of some of the most challenged neighborhoods of Chicago, Raymond has seen first hand the role gangs and gangbangers play in holding communities hostage. Raymond will push to designate gangs as a Domestic Terror Group which would allow federal agencies to target and arrest gang members the same way they would arrest foreign terrorists. This would allow neighborhoods once held hostage to breathe easier knowing that the treat to their quality of life is removed.

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