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In order for us to move forward, we need to invest.

Restoring Our Crumbling Infrastructure: Our bridges, roadways, docks, and train depots are aging. Some are becoming unsafe. Raymond will bring back federal dollars to our district to finally address crumbling infrastructure and modernize our cities and townships. Modernizing our infrastructure helps us pave the way for new businesses, new homes, and new industries, which, in turn, hire locally, house families, and create good-paying jobs.

Switching to Clean Technology and Thinking Outside the Box: Investing in infrastructure should also mean finding green technology that's environmentally responsible and lasting. Raymond understands that we cannot invest in new infrastructure when we still use outdated methods to resurface our roadways. Raymond will work with environmental groups to find ways to improve our transportation sector by using sustainable resources that have a longer life, allowing us to continue improving our infrastructure in new places throughout the district, instead of revisiting the same roadway year after year.

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