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Chemistry Class


Investing in our future starts in the classroom!

Investing in STEM and STEAM Curriculum: Raymond will work to expand access and funding for curriculums that actually work in our schools, including programs like STEM and STEAM.  Teaching young minds how to think critically and work together sets them on the right track to success in whichever field they wish to pursue.

Investing in Public Education Means Investing in Wraparound Services: Public schools are a melting pot of students from various socio-economic backgrounds. Raymond will work to fund wraparound services that help students AND families receive the support they need to be successful in the classroom and at home.

Establishing the "Trades In The Classroom" Initiative: Not everyone wants to go to college, and that's okay. However, establishing the "Trades In the Classroom" Initiative gives students an opportunity to explore a career in the trades. Raymond knows that there is a need for the next generation of bricklayers, laborers, electricians, plumbers, and other tradesmen and women. Raymond will fight to give students an option to explore these careers to help them achieve their potential.

Making Higher Education Affordable: Community colleges and state universities need the support from Congress to continue attracting students from different backgrounds where traditional 4-year university education is not always practical. Whether out of high school or returning to the classroom after raising a family, Raymond will work to expand affordability of higher education. 

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